DIY Solar Power – Is it Worth The Cost?

Solar power is generally created by converting solar radiation into electricity. This solar power can then be converted to other types of energy to meet any of your household energy needs. This type of energy is extremely efficient and very environmentally friendly since it is renewable. Not only is it renewable, but there’s a surplus of solar energy available, and there will be for several million years.

There are two uses for solar radiation. It can be converted and used to warm-up homes and water, or converted into electricity. Heat given off into the air can warm-up an entire home, and water warmed by means of solar radiation has multiple uses, such as showering and cooking. Solar energy when converted into electricity has all the uses normal electricity has, and is a commonly used form of residential power.

A solar, or photovoltaic, panel is normally made-up of multiple connected conductor cells. When grouped together these panels are referred to as “arrays.” Solar panels can’t be placed just anywhere. They need to be stationed in areas with consistent, direct sunlight. For personal uses an ideal place to keep a solar panel is on the roof. There, the plants won’t obstruct sunlight, and the panel can efficiently collect solar radiation. Continue reading