Solar Energy Uses

The most viable and cleanest form of renewable energy is Solar Power. Solar energy utilizes the energy of the sun in day and supplies energy during the day through storage batteries for use at night. Solar energy consist two types of energies, namely, thermal and electrical energy. Power is accumulated, inverted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) . You can use thermal energy for heating water, homes and other small spaces. It’s a renewable source of energy. Below are some uses of solar energy that you may not be aware about Residential Power – Most of the home power supply is derived from solar energy.

In numerous areas of the western United States, there are complete subdivisions that are powered by solar energy. Though, solar energy may not fulfill all the power requirements in a home, but even a fraction of its usage can save money and earth’s limited natural resources, . Roadway Signs – Many of today’s traffic signs, highway signs, as well as construction signs are operated by solar energy. With these signs in use 24-hours a day and with the large number of signs, it’s easy to see why this is really fantastic way to put the sun’s energy to work. Vehicles -There are vehicles that are using solar energy for a power source. Continue reading