Home Solar Electricity: Module Solar System Designs

Solar energy terms, system electricity production, effects of trees and other shading factors are all things to consider when installing a residential solar energy system. The same can be said for the actual system installation: How do they install a solar energy system in 2 days or less? The following explains how solar equipment is design, manufactured, and installed. This saves time, money, and lessens the complexity of maintenance.

Integrated Structures: Solar Energy Systems Manufactured in Pieces

The module structure is designed to protect the solar cells from the environment. It consists of a number of layers to protect the circuit of solar PV cells and to make the module easy to install. The materials used in these layers determine the cost and durability of the modules.

The solar cells themselves and their circuits are totally wrapped in plastic. A shock resistant, shatter proof glass covers the solar PV cells and provides a clear, low absorption cover for the solar panel. It is also tempered for strength in order to reduce the effects of falling trees or hail. The multi-layered back sheet protects the plastic and cells from abrasions and prevents moisture from getting into the module. Continue reading